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How To Turn Living Room Into A Bedroom In 4 Simple Steps

How to Turn Living Room Into a Bedroom

Are you living in a small space and want to create a room for yourself or any of your guests? We will tell you some great steps to convert your small cozy living room into a comfortable bedroom through some basic steps.

How many square feet of your living room? is the most important factor here. Is there enough space for a single or twin bed? Or you need a sofa bed? For all of these things, planning is essential. Make a list of what you need to add and what you need to exclude. So make the most of whatever you have with our simple yet effective four-step guide:

Step #1: Select a Relaxing Spot

It is essential to select a particular designated relaxing spot in the room where you want to relax as well as feel maximum comfort in that spot. It does not matter whether it is a bean bag or an old chair or any kind of sofa where you can be quiet and can chill for some time quietly. A floor can be one of your options too but try to use a blanket or something soft to make it comfortable for your body. In addition to that, you may also consider adding something like plants that can help you reduce stress and pollution and create a fresh and airy spot.

Step #2: Place a Quick and Easy Room Divider

You can convert a space into a double function area by just using a room divider that can separate your bedroom from your livingroom. What you need to do is compartmentalize the area of your room by using the room divider that can immediately turn your living room into a bedroom too. There are several ideas or styles you can choose according to your preference:

  1. You can use glass sliders that would help to give a modern look to your room and there won’t be an issue of light. You can also use some simple sliders with curtains on them to divide.
  2. You can install tall book shelves which will not only divide the area but also offer you some great storage to rack up on books.
  3. You can use long drapes to divide. This can be a great option to make a room classy too.

Step #3 Go For a Multifunctional Furniture

 Since now you have to use the room for double functions, then the most important thing is to invest in furniture that is cost-effective and can serve as double duty because the prime motive is to use the storage smartly.

  • Select a good quality and comfortable sofa bed that can last for many years and can benefit as a sofa for the living room. It can also help as a bed during night time. Now they are light in weight when compared to the old ones. An individual can easily convert them without any help.
  • You can buy a coffee table that can not only hold your drinks but can provide storage where you can keep your valuable items. You can use it as your side table too.
  • You can also buy a chair where you can relax in your daytime and in night it can be converted into a bed that takes less space than a sofa bed.

Step #4 Prefer Warm Lights For Your Bedroom Area

 Warm lights are a suitable option for the bedroom that you should consider. Choose a light and refreshing color for your space. Many specialists suggest using light pastel colors for your walls and ceilings. It is more appropriate to select the same shade for the whole room and avoid using dark color curtains too. Go for light-colored curtains that will let the sunshine in your room and will make the room brighter.

 If you want to experiment and try some different colors on some spaces to show your creativity or style, then choose light colors to contrast it well. It may seem to be boring or not attractive to you at first but after some detailing and styling it will enhance the room. Warm colors are preferred for a multifunctional space.

You can decorate it according to your taste and preference. You can hang some rugs or photos according to your personality. Organize your bookcase and convert your room into a unique and pleasing room. Don’t cram and stuff your room with many objects. Keep it minimal so that it would be appeasing for your eyes too.


By just following these basic steps you can transform your living room into a bedroom with some smart planning and decisions. There is absolutely no need to hire any interior designer and waste your money on that. The key to making your space the best it could be is working smartly and trusting the process. This won’t cost you a lot, you just need to make some basic changes but it depends on your choice and how much you are willing to pay.

A personalized touch with the right amount of elegance can spruce up your place in no time!

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