How To Make A Fence Taller for Privacy Of The House

how to make a fence taller for privacy

Nowadays people prefer taller fences because of several reasons, though the most common one is a privacy concern. No matter how many friendly relationships you have with your neighbors or how busybodies they are, you still need a little privacy.

If you do not want them to look at your garden or you do not want to look at theirs, you might have thought about how to make a fence taller for privacy. Installing taller fences for your house is a pocket-friendly and less time-consuming house modification which is helpful in many ways.

Benefits Of Installing A Taller Fence

  • Taller fences are useful in many ways like hiding unorganized garages or stores.
  • A taller fence provides you shade from the scorching heat of the sun.
  • A taller fence provides stability and security to the house.
  • When your pets and kids are playing in the garden you don’t have to worry about their safety when you have taller fences.
  • They help in blocking unwanted sounds and views.
  • The people passing by your house cannot look into your garden or house.
  • Most of the time, tall fences are solid and they do not have any holes from which critters can reach your garden.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Making Your Fence Taller

  • Why do you need a taller fence

Before making modifications to your current fence you should know why you want to make a fence tall. You may want to extend the fence for privacy, need security, or want to create a soundproof barrier.

Once you will know the correct reason, it will help you in deciding what kind of fence you should install. It will also help in deciding the length of the fence as well. A clear picture of your requirements also saves money.

  • What height of fence do you need?

You can measure the current length of your fence and decide accordingly how much modification it will need. Remember the height of the fence should be according to the law.

  • How much money you can invest

Fences are available in different materials and qualities. Some of them are strong and stable while others look pleasant to the eye. There are high-end as well as pocket-friendly fences available in the market. You can select the one according to your budget.

The Best Ways To Make Fence Taller

Modification of fence depends on the kind of fence you have installed. For example, A wood fence is extended differently from a vinyl fence.

Based on the type of fence we have categorized the extension procedure. Following are the ways through which you can make your fence taller.

How To Make A Wooden Fence Taller

You can make a wooden fence taller by DIY methods if you have carpenter expertise. Following are some of the easy ways through which you can modify your wooden fence

  • Joining wood

If you have excellent expertise in carpenting then you can make your fence taller by joining wood. First, you will measure and then cut the existing fence equally. Then join the wood laps to increase length. Secure the fence with firm galvanized balls.

  • By using a metal tie plate

You can increase the height of your wooden fence by installing a metal plate or tie strap. The placement of the metal sheet on your fence should be done by using the correct screws and nails for better stability and durability.

  • By using a metal fence extender

If you want a quick, easy, and long-lasting fix for increasing the small height of your fence then you can use a post extender. It is a sleeve that wraps around the fence Increasing the height. However, it is a slightly expensive solution for increasing the height of the wooden fence.

  • Extend Fence Height with Lattice

You can make your fence taller by installing a privacy lattice on top of it. It not only provides privacy but also makes your fence look attractive.

How To Make Block Or Brick Fence Taller

If you are wondering how to make a fence taller for privacy with a brick fence thenTyou are lucky. You have a strong flat base on which you can plan any type of extension. You can visit nearby shops on search online for eye-catchy fence options.

Following are some of the fence extension options that go well with brick fence

  • Potted plants
  • A Privacy lattice
  • Vinyl fence to increase the length
  • Fence extension through bricks

When you will place new bricks to increase the length of the fence you will face color difference problem. It is quite difficult to find a brick of the same color as the previous bricks may have lost their color due to sun exposure. Therefore, to make your new fence more attractive you can color the bricks according to your choice.

How To Extend Height Of A Chain Link Fence

For extending a metal chain-link fence, you should try to buy a metal fence similar to the existing one. By doing this you can easily install the metal chain fence. You can buy the tools and metal chain from the same retailer you bought the previous fence.

Installing a metal chain fence is not an easy task, therefore, you will need professional help. Following are the steps by which you can increase the height of your metal chain fence

  • Remove metal chain interconnection of the top rail
  • Remove the old fence
  • With the help of panel sleeves install the new metal chain on your existing pole.
  • Install a new gate according to the height of the new fence.

How To Make Vinyl Fence Taller

A vinyl fence is a cost-effective, easy to maintain, and long-lasting option. Vinyl fences provide complete privacy to your backyard or garden. These types of fencing are prefabricated making them a hard option to increase the length. However, if you will hire professional help they will do the job better.

Other Easy Ways To Extend Fence Height

Due to any reason, if you are unable to reconstruct the fence like expense, don’t want to hire professional help, the current fence is old and weak for reconstruction, or you do not have much time. Following are some of the easy ways through which you can make a fence taller.

Install A Privacy Screen

You can install a large privacy screen made up of wood a few feet away from your house. This creates a visual barrier, you can also grow plants and vegetables on it. It gives an attractive look to your garden.

Plant Bamboo

Bamboo is an amazingly attractive and stable plant that provides you privacy in your garden. However, before installing this type of fence make sure that bamboo isn’t an invasive species in your geographical location.

Plant Large Shrubs Or Hedge

Planting a tall dense bunch of scrubs looks beautiful and functions as a fence when it comes to providing privacy. You can grow any type of plant according to your preference.


There are multiple options for increasing the length of the fence. You can do modifications to make it look more attractive. But if you live in a rented place make sure you communicate with the house owner to prevent any fine.

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